Solitaire Diamond Necklace – Yellow Gold


The Solitaire Diamond Necklace embodies pure sophistication and simplicity. Reinvented for the modern woman, this classic piece features a sustainable and ethical 0.1 carat lab-grown diamond. Designed for versatility means you can wear this necklace for work, to dinner or even go casual and match with a white tee and jeans.



  • 14k solid gold, 100% reclaimed
  • Made in Spain
  • Chain length: 42 cm
  • Featuring a 3 mm laboratory-grown diamond:
    Carat: 0.1, Cut: RB, Clarity: SI2, Color: D-F
  • Comes with a certificate of authenticity
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Exceptional Quality

Our round brilliant cut diamonds are carefully selected to meet our high standards. The SI+ quality ensures highest clarity while our choice of D-F colorless stones means they’re perfectly transparent and sparkly.

Above-ground Diamonds

Modern technology allows to grow real diamonds sustainably and responsibly in a controlled laboratory above the ground. While lab-created diamonds have the identical DNA as mined diamonds they come without the ethical and environmental issues surrounding traditional diamond mining. On our mission to change the jewelry industry, we are taking the next step by offering you the most sustainable and ethical solution.

Carefully set by Hand

Every piece is thoughtfully designed in our Stockholm Studio and handcrafted in Spain with meticulous attention to detail. We use the latest 3D printing technology to perfect our diamond designs. Each stone is carefully set by hand to ensure the best angle of light incidence for maximum sparkle.

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