Jewelry Care Guide

Norrfolks jewelry is made of durable 18 karat gold that won’t tarnish or discolour over time. Designed for longevity we always use solid gold, never platings or fillings. Everyday wear will show its signs, but with proper care, your jewelry will last a lifetime.


  • Store your jewelry in our Norrfolks box to protect it from tangling or scratching.


  • After wear, carefully wipe off your jewelry with a soft cloth to remove makeup or skin oil.


  • When dressing, put on your jewelry last and take it off first, so it won’t get caught in your clothes .


  • Make sure to remove your jewelry before going to sleep, taking a shower, swimming in a pool, doing dishes, exercising or gardening work to avoid bending, dulling or losing your jewelry.


  • Avoid contact with water, chlorine, perfumes, hairspray, body lotions, cleaners and other products containing chemicals because it can dull the gold or scratch it.


  • Be gentle to your chains, don’t force or pull them.

Diamond Care Guide

Our lab-created diamonds have the identical DNA as mined diamonds, and have to be treated with the same care. Although diamonds are the hardest known material and extremely durable, we recommend to follow a few simple steps that will keep your brilliant stones sparkling over time.


  • Follow everyday care routines from the Jewelry Care Guide.


  • Try to not touch your diamond (we know it’s difficult), because the oil and dirt you pass on from your fingers can cloud the diamond.


  • Don’t store diamonds together, as they can scratch each other.


  • Get your diamond jewelry checked once a year at a jeweller to ensure the settings are secure.


  1. Soak your diamond jewelry in a solution of warm water and mild detergent.


  2. Use a soft tooth brush to gently brush away any residue.


  3. Rinse your diamond jewelry in warm water and dry it with a cleaning cloth before putting it on again.