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Nina Gransäter: ”I’ve always felt a strong interest in helping and strengthening the protection for vulnerable victims of sexual offenses.”

Stories is the place where we interview women that inspire us. We talk about sustainability, style and how to make a change. This time, we had the pleasure to meet Nina Gransäter, a law student and part-time court secretary of The Administrative Court in Uppsala.

What was your motivation behind studying law?

– I’ve never been particularly afraid of conflicts, and I always stood up for my own opinions and what I consider being important. Therefore, taking part in discussions and arguing for my opinion is something I’m naturally drawn to. There is also a creative side within the legal system by applying current laws to every individual case. No situation is like any other, and all individuals are different. Still, we’re all supposed to adapt to one legislation every single day. This requires new solutions and creative thinking, which to me feels challenging and important, and is something I want to be part of in order to drive change.

Is there a certain field within law you’d like to put your focus on? And if so, why?

– There are so many different fields in our current legal system that have to be further developed and improved. However, I’ve always felt a strong interest in helping and strengthening the protection for vulnerable victims of sexual offenses. After graduation, my focus will therefore be sexual offenses and human rights with a focus on women and children.

You’re studying and working in Uppsala, but live in Stockholm. Tell us about one of your favourite spots in Stockholm!

– One of my absolute favorite spots is Adornment at Styrmansgatan 31. I’ve always had a huge passion for clothes and fashion, but in the past couple of years I also gained a growing interest and understanding for sustainability. What Adornment does is that they handpick vintage garments from all over the world and remake them or repair them if needed. The boutique is really cozy and Pauline Cappelen [founder and creative director] is doing such an amazing job!

Sustainability is at the core of Norrfolks. What is your best advice to become more sustainable when it comes to fashion?

– My best tip is to look for clothes made of high quality fabrics and let them be the key garments of your wardrobe. You can then try to create new combinations of what you already have in your closet. I usually create a basic outfit and from there I can be creative in adding something that makes my outfit personal. Most of the times, you would see me in a vintage Levi’s 501 and a leather jacket from Acne. When it comes to jewelry I always wear minimalistic designs of great quality, so that I can wear it everyday without taking them off. That’s why I love Norrfolks!

Our collection comes in three different shades, yellow gold, rose gold and white gold. Which one do you prefer?

– I’ve always used silver and white gold the most, but lately I started to mix it up with yellow gold. So I would say I’m a mix now!

Finally, where will you be in 5 years?

– In 5 years I’m hopefully still healthy and in love. I will also be a graduated lawyer, which means I will have exciting times ahead of me!

Follow Nina @ninagransater. Nina is wearing jewlery from our collection in yellow gold and clothes from @sophieh_official.

Photography by Simon Schmitz.

15 September, 2017
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Stories is the place where we interview women that inspire us. We talk about...

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