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Jennifer Åkerman: “A garment from the ‘60s really lasts, that’s what I love with vintage!”

Stories is the place where we interview women that inspire us. We talk about sustainability, style and how to make a change. This time, we had the pleasure to meet Jennifer Åkerman, singer of the indie band Bloke and Bird and founder of Wilton Girl Vintage.

What’s your biggest source of inspiration when you create your music?

– When I write myself it’s very much about my own life, how I feel, relationships and more things on a personal level. When Lorenzo (the other half of the duo Bloke & Bird) and I write for Bloke & Bird we’re very inspired by America, it’s something about the American vibe and style that is very inspiring to us.

What’s the best memory from a gig you had with Bloke & Bird?

– I remember one time when we played at this venue in LA called Bootleg, and a group of people came there only to see us. They were singing with us in our song  “Brooklyn Kid”. This was a very special feeling to me, it’s really a magical feeling when you see people singing along with a song you have written yourself.

How do you recover in times when you feel stressed?

– As I get older I have learned to take time to relax in very stressful situations. For example, I had a very hectic schedule the past weeks here in Stockholm going on meetings and interviews during the days. Instead of going out partying in the evenings, like I did a few years ago, I just went back to my hotel to rest. It’s so important to take time to rest in times of stress.

What’s your best advice for other women out there to fulfill their dreams?

– To really go after your dreams, not just say that you want this and that. Go out there and get it and work hard for it. If you really want something, go all in and do it to 100%. Don’t let anyone come in between and don’t listen to what too many different people tell you. Do your own thing and don’t give up, nobody can stop you from chasing your dreams.

Sustainability is at the core of Norrfolks. What is your best advice to become more sustainable when it comes to fashion?

– Try not to make spontaneous decisions and shop under stress. Take your time and think about what you want and what you really need. Too often you find clothes laying around at home that you never use. So think again before you buy something new, do you really need it? And don’t buy cheap stuff with poor quality, even if it is tempting sometimes! 

I know that you have a thing for vintage clothing, tell us more about that.

– Yes, I love vintage! I hunt vintage at Melrose & Rose Bowl flea markets, they are amazing, both located in LA. I also sell some vintage through my online store Wilton Girl Vintage. The cool thing about vintage is that it has a lot to do with sustainability, since we reuse what’s already there. More people should buy vintage, it’s great for environment. It’s also fun to shop vintage,  you can stumble into very unique one-of-a-kind pieces. And many times the quality is way better than clothes from today’s bigger fashion brands. A garment from the ‘60s really lasts, that’s what I love with vintage!

Finally, which piece in our collection is your favourite?

– The stacking rings! I love them, especially in white gold! I’m more of a ring or earring kinda girl, I don’t wear as much necklaces or bracelets.

Follow Jennifer @jjakerman and check out her music @blokeandbird. Jennifer is wearing jewelry from our collection in white gold and clothes from @adornmentstudios.

Photography by Simon Schmitz.

2 October, 2017
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