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Materials matter to us

We think that quality materials are the foundation for longevity and a sustainable way of sourcing them is core to our business.

14k solid gold and nothing less


Gold is a precious metal that won’t tarnish, oxidize or loose its color over time, unlike it’s plated counterparts. The 14k gold alloy we use for all our jewelry is perfect for carefree wear, as it scratches less and doesn’t bend as easily as 18k gold, which is purer but more prone to being affected by everyday wear as it is softer.

By the way, the “k” stands for karat and measures the purity of gold. 14k gold consists of 58.5% of pure gold and is in our opinion the best choice for our essentials as it combines highest quality with durability, while still being affordable.

Yellow, rose and white for your choice

We know you have different preferences, so do we. All of our designs come in three shades of 14k gold: yellow, rose and white gold, so you can match your jewelry to every occasion.

Why we don’t do platings or fillings

Quality first, always

Today, most fashion jewelry is plated which is an effective way to press costs down in order to reply quickly to trends. This practice is very unsustainable as it results in a very short life span of a jewelry that we end up tossing away after a few times of use. We think the best quality materials are key to long-lasting products and are therefore the most sustainable solution.


A thin layer of gold is applied to silver or a non-precious base metal, like brass or copper. Since the gold content is less than 1%, the plated jewelry will discolor and tarnish very quickly, especially after frequent use.


Similar to platings, filled jewelry consists of a non-precious base metal with a gold coating. The difference lies in the gold content which is higher (at least 5%). While filled jewelry may last longer than plated jewelry, it will eventually lose its gold coat over time.

Solid gold

Jewelry made out of solid gold doesn’t involve non-precious base metals which means that the gold content is a 100%. Our choice is solid gold only, so you can wear your jewelry everyday without the worries of your piece fading or tarnishing over time. Its durable character makes solid gold the most sustainable option.

Our gold is 100% recycled and never from mines

A dirty business

Mining is one of the most polluting industries in the world. Due to the large amount of mercury (a highly toxic metal) being released into our ground waters and atmosphere, mining is harming our planet at an alarming rate. Most gold mines are found in developing or underdeveloped countries where environmental regulations often don’t exist and human rights come too short, which is very worrying to us. To date, around 75% of the gold supply comes from mining.

Making the switch to second-life gold

In the sense of using what’s already there, we choose to only work with recycled gold, recovered from old jewelry pieces and e-waste. Our gold supplier Sempsa JP is the oldest refinery in Spain with over 170 years of expertise in recycling metals. Their commitment to sustainable practices gives us the confidence that we are collaborating with the right partner to ensure the least environmental impact.

Certified by CFSI and LBMA

Knowing that our materials undergo thorough checks of origin is important to us. Sempsa JP is accredited by both the LBMA and CFSI, which are industry bodies that strictly audit and accredit refineries for sourcing gold from conflict-free zones.

Our stamps as a sign of quality

Know your hallmarks

We stand behind the quality of our products and for your piece of mind we stamp all of our jewelry with a hallmark and a name stamp. The hallmark “585” is a fineness stamp that indicates the amount of gold we use (58.5% i.e. 14k). Our name stamp “NS” (short for norrfolks) guarantees that we practice what we preach and use the specified karat. Norrfolks is registered at SWEDAC, the Swedish authority controlling businesses that sell fine metals.

Our vision

Ethical production

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